Get Involved
I can do everything through him who gives me strength.  
Philippians 4:13 NIV
Volunteer Opportunities at The Love of Christ Ministries International
Are you looking for a place to get involved?  Here at
The Love of Christ Ministries International we encourage
people to be a part of a ministry or program. What are your
giftings?  Chances are, we have a place that is right for you!  
Here a number of different  ways you can lend a hand.
Ushers and Greeters

Our ushers and greeters are critical to our
Sunday mornings.  Greeters get the first
opportunity to make people feel welcome as
they greet them and give them a bulletin.  
Ushers help people feel comfortable as
they help people find seating, and answer
any questions people may have.

Ministry Office

Taking care of precious little ones under the
age of two is a blessing!  If this children's
area interests you, and you're a regular at
The Love Of Christ Ministries International,
let us know!

 Kid's Office
Kids Church

Each week, children attend Kids Church.  It's
a great time for kids to be together, have a
blast and learn about the Bible.  We're
always looking for Kids Church leaders to
lead worship, games, stories and lessons
for children's classes.  It's a lot of fun!

Kids Office
Computer Team

Our computer team's job is to ensure that on
Sunday mornings our announcements and
worship songs run efficiently and effectively.  In
addition, they record the sermon message,
make copies and add the message to our
website.  If you are a computer veteran, then
this is the place for you.

Ministry Office
Sound Crew/Translator

It takes a lot of work to run our sound system
every week.  We have a skilled person
overseeing this area, but it takes a team to
get this job done.

Ministry Office
Hubbard House Outreach

This is a great outreach to let your cooking
and/or cleaning skills shine while being able
to socialize and pray with families who have
a loved one in the intensive care unit.  
Interested in working with other volunteers to
prepare a meal for 50 people?

Ministry Office Internet Team

There are many opportunities for you to contribute to
our church website.  This is more than a website, it is
a web ministry.  Opportunities for you to get involved
include photography, editing, writing, chat rooms,
Internet surfers/researchers, email responders,
graphic designers, prayers, marketing and
promotions, web site card distributors and more.  If
you are interested in getting involved, talk to us and
we'll be happy to help you find a role that matches
your gifts and abilities.

Ministry Office
The City Committee

God has called our ministry to build a city in
Orlando, Florida exemplifying Heaven on Earth.
If you are interested in helping us out with this
endeavor or would like more information please
contact us!  We are also seeking missionaries that
God has called for this purpose!

 Ministry Office