Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit,
which is the word of God.
 Eph.6:17 NIV
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But God
He Heard You
Favor and Faith
230.  It's Time to Go!                                                                        
229.  In His Presence                                                                         
228.  Speak to my Heart Lord                                                            
227.  You Reap What You Sow                                                          
224.  The New Year is Here                                                                
222.  Look How Far We Have Taken This                                           
221.  The Power of a Partner                                                              
220.  Prove It
219.  Your Past has Passed
218.  You Got Too Much Help
217.  It's Now or Never
216.  That Doesn't Surprise Me
214.  You've Got More Than Enough/ The City
213.  Prophecy/ Church Vision
212.  One More Time
211.  What are You Thinking?
210.  You've Got It, Use It!
209.  God's Way Really Works!
208.  You Got the Gift
206.  Hear My Cry, Oh Lord
205.  Live Long and Prosper
204.  All Dead Ends are not the End
203.  Where is God?                                               
197. I Believe God  
196.  Breakthrough  
195.  Expect the Unexpected
194.  Enlarge My Territory
193.  Midnight Praise
192.  You Make the Choice
191.  Waiting 101
190.   It’s not how you start , but how you finish
189.  Resurrection Power
188.  You don’t know what you had until you lost it
187.  I Will Lead, Will you Follow?
173.  A Star is Born  
172.  Fighting Temptation
171.  Fear Factor
170.  Is what we call normal, really normal?
169.  The Realm of It has never happened before  
167.  If not us, who?  If not now, when?
166.  The Lone Ranger is not here
165.  God is not finished with you yet
163.  The Struggles Of Life
162.  The Worship Zone
161.  Is There A Nathan In The House?
160.  The Comfort Zone
159.  Choose Your Destiny
158.  Dare To Dream
156.  Expect The Unexpected
155.  Something Has Got To Change #3
154.  Something Has Got To Change #2
153.  Something Has Got To Change #1
152.  You Make The Choice #2
151.  You Make The Choice #1
150.  What You Think...Is
149.  Isolation vs. Consecration
148.  If You Deny, You're Living A Lie
147.  Internal Injuries
146.  Against All Odds
145.  We Got To Do Something
144.  The Fight Is Fixed, WeWin!
142.  Don't Let The Devel Shh You
141.  Confess It Did Not Record
140.  God Is NO Co-Pilot
136.  When The Cheering Stops
135.  I Got Your Back
134.  You Could Hear If You Listened  
310.  If They Won't Come In, We'll Go Out
309.  What is in a Name?
308.  Will The Real  Mom Please Stand Up?
307.  I Command You Loosed
306.  Ger Ready For Your Miracle
305.  You Need To Climb A Tree
304.  It May Seem Like Friday, but Sunday's Coming
303.  Been There, Done That, Bought  The T-Shirt
302.  Somebody's Watching You
301.  I Know You Can Do It
300.  If Your Survive the Process, Progress is Guaranteed
299.  If You Have Faith, God Has Power
298.  Double or Nothing
297.  Abundance- The Drought is Over
296.  Abundance- The More Abundant Life
295.  Abundance- Seven Looks
294.  Abundance- Running in the Rain
293.  Abundance- Provoke Your Rainfall
292.  Enough
291.  Spiritual Heart Attack
290.  So Amazing
289,  Now is the Hour
288.  He Sacrificed before He Was Sacrificed
287.  If You Only Knew
286.  Love is The Power
285.  Power Killer #5 - Baggage
284.  Power Killer #4 - Quitting
235.  Power Killer #3 - Rebellion
282,  Power Killer #2 - Confidence
281.  Power Killer #1 - Secret Sin
280.  It Does Not Have To Be Like That
279.  You Are Not Alone  
278.  It's Bad, But It's Not That Bad
277.  I Am Ready For A Miracle Breakthrough
276.  Draw It Out Of Me
275.  The Choice Of A Champion
274.  Out Of The Box  
273.  Why I Praise Him
272.  Benefits of Praise
271.  I Am Called To Praise
270.  The Power of Praise
269.  I Got The Victory
268.  Your Victory is in Your Praise
267.  Victory In The Spirit Realm
266.  Your Name Is Victory
265.  Good and Plenty
264.  Commitment to Serve
263.  I'm Over and Above
262.  God Has A Sense Of Humor
261.  Forgiven - Part II
260.  Forgiven - Part I
259.  Forgive and Forget
258.  When Your Are Down To Nothing, God is Up To Something!
256.  Seven Ways You Should Love Your Mother
255.  The Power of Thought
254.  Winning the Battles in Your Mind
253.  God Saw You First
251.  Don't Camp At The Foot of the Mountain
250.  He Will Give You Double For Your Trouble
249.  Before It Can Rise, It Has To Die
248.  Never Mind The Gap
247.  The Call Of God
246.  Reclaim Your Promise - #8 Finances
245.  Reclaim Your Promise - #7 Determination
244.  Reclaim Your Promise - #6 Discouragement
243.  Reclaim Your Promise - #4 Waiting On God
242.  Reclaim Your Promise - #3 Humility
241.  Reclaim Your Promise - #2 Renewal of the Promise
240.  Reclaim Your Promise -#1
238.  You Are Anointed To Overflow
237.  Forget It
235.  We Are The Champions
234.  Preparing For The Rain
233.  When God Plays Hide and Seek
232.  The Top Three Tests of Faith
231.  Surely You Are From God
Baggage DVD
327.  What's Really Important?
326.  Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
325.  God's Measure of Greatness
324.  It's Too Late Now
323.  The Fountain of Smart
322.  For Such a Time as This
321.  Now That's Funny!
320.  Christian Joy
319.  Joy Comes In the Morning
318.  That Doesn't Make Sense
317.  Catch The Phrase - Part II
316.  Catch The Phrase - Part I
315.  Faith When It Matters
314.  Three Dads
313.  All You Can Eat
312.  Look Into The Eyes Of God
311.  Going Into The World
344.  Faith In A Desert Place
343.  Get In His Presence
342.  In The Beginning
341.  Real Christianity Is Not Boring
340.  The Ghost Of Christmas Past
339.  The Value Of You In Church
338.  Moving On Up
337.  About Your Father's Business
336.  Testimony Service
335.  Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling For Your Miracle
334.  A Dinner Or Your Destiny
333.  Wow, I Guess I Should Have Kept Reading
332.  Holding On
331.  So What Do You Invest In?
330.  The Kind Of People God Invests In
329.  Satan Can't Handle The Truth
328.  What Is Really Important
362.  Did You Know?
361.  Why Do We Doubt?
360.  Faith and the Power of God
359.  If you Don't Do What You Are Told
357.  Faith, Nothing Else Matters
356.  Vision when you don't have Nothing
355.  It Is Going To Happen, So Quit Holding It Up!
354.  What's It Going To Take?
351.  Action Of Faith
350.  The Power Of Faith
349.   Faith Is Not On The Fence
348.  The Importance of Unity-Bishop Hull
347.  The Importance of A Coverage-Bishop Hull
346.  Believe In The Report Of The Lord-Bishop Hull
345.  Everything Isn't What It Seems

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Don't Let The Past Determine Your Future DVD
373.  God Is My Strength
372.  I Know The Feeling
371.  He Heard You
370.  But God
369.  From Mustard Seed Faith, To Mountain   
    Moving Faith
368.  Lazarus Faith
366.  Faith and Strength
365.  Favor and Faith
364.  Right Now
363.  I Need Help
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